Whether you’re looking for a way out or trying to help a loved one, the more you know, the better your outlook will be. South Africa, while intolerant of it, is unfortunately known for domestic violence which makes knowing your rights as well as the benefits of having a domestic violence lawyer on your side a must.

Domestic violence lawyers have experience with these types of cases and they know how sensitive it is as well as the importance of discretion and timing. These lawyers can teach you how to protect your rights and if needed, they can protect them for you using the law. When it comes to the law, specifically, the Domestic Violence Act 116 of 1998, Domestic Violence is considered abusive behaviour which harms the well-being of another.

Knowing Your Rights

The realm of South African law is set up in a way that protects and ensures that everyone has the right to –

● lay a criminal charge with the police
● apply for a protection order at a magistrate's court or police station

Once the court grants a protection order, a warrant of arrest is issued. If the terms and conditions of this order are breached, the breach must be reported to the police and the respondent can be arrested. The only way a protection order will cease is if the respondent or complainant applies for this with the court. From there, there will be investigations with which a lawyer will be able to assist you in keeping the order intact or cancelling it.

Let A Domestic Violence Lawyer Help You

If needed, a lawyer can help you understand your options and plan your next move. They are equipped to help build your case and keep you safe.

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