Do you remember the last time you updated your plans for your estate? Worse, is this something you haven’t thought of yet? Since we’re getting a fresh start with 2023, it’s a great time to consider something that may have been far from your mind with the craziness of the festive season.

Keep reading to learn our recommended steps to getting your will and estate in order for your family’s future as well as your peace of mind.


Step 1: Consider Your Estate


First things first. If you’re new to thinking about this, an estate is the net worth of anyone at any point in time. An estate includes any assets owing to them while, obviously, excluding any liabilities. Start by considering and listing your assets.


Step 2: Find An Estate Lawyer


Do your research and consider who you want to get in touch with when it comes to getting your will and estate in order.


Step 3: Consider What’s Best For Your Family


An important step is thinking about the best thing for your family members. This includes perhaps equally dividing your assets between your children and spouse.


Step 4: Plan For Your Loved Ones’ Financial Futures


While you’re here, why not consider the financial futures of your loved ones? This is where you can get specific with the possible allocation of your assets. An estate lawyer can help you with the logistics but it’s a good idea to have a vague plan ready for this discussion.


Step 5: Make An Appointment With An Attorney In Durban


Are you ready to start planning and are looking for an attorney in Durban? Contact The Law Offices of Karen Olivier, estate lawyers near you that you can rely on.