Although the South African constitution provides a blueprint of expected civil rights to be upheld for its citizens, regrettably a large percentage of the children in our country are still experiencing major infringements of these rights daily. By getting in contact with a children’s rights lawyer in Durban, together we can combat some of these common children’s rights violations.

Food Insecurity

[Body] According to the World Food Programme (WFP) people are considered to be food secure if sufficient, nutritious, and safe food is at their availability and allows them to live an active, healthy life. Unfortunately, for many households in South Africa, this is not the case. Food insecurity has a tremendous impact on children’s physical well-being and growth and could lead to cognitive development issues. Poverty and malnutrition practices play a key role in the food insecurity that children of our country experience.

Access to Basic Education

Not only should children, regardless of their gender, race, economic background, or physical and cognitive ability have equal access to education; but furthermore the institutions that provide the schooling are expected to ensure a safe environment with equipment and facilities that aid in the learning process. Education facilities are often distributed unequally throughout our country and as a result, many children are faced with walking far distances or through dangerous routes just to get to and from school each day.

Access to Sanitation and  Clean Water

Access to clean and safe drinking water is at the very core of essential human and children’s rights. Despite the increasing trend of the number of people who do have access to this fundamental right, in 2020 for over 2 billion people this was still not achievable. For many children, the lack of ablution facilities in their homes and schools is resulting in a serious health concern for the children and citizens of the country.

Exposure to Violence

Children of our country can be exposed to violence in many different areas of their daily life, this can include at school, at home, by a caretaker, or within the community. It is difficult to know the exact number of children that are victims of violence as often it is not reported. Violence against children can take the form of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, corporal punishment, and neglect.

Childhood should be a period of time where children can grow, learn and develop while being cared for, loved, and safe. If you are aware of or suspect any violation of children’s rights, collaborate with professionals in the community by getting in contact with a children’s rights lawyer in Durban today. Karen Oliver and her team are dedicated to helping uphold the rights of the children of our country.