Divorce is typically a very complicated and difficult process, especially when there are children involved. Knowing what not to do in a child custody battle is almost as important as knowing what to do. Making one small mistake on your part could tip the scales in the other parent’s favour.

Here at Durban Law Offices, we are more than happy to share the best legal advice for child custody lawyers in South Africa, and in this article, we’ll be telling you what not to do when it comes to your child custody battle.

Don’t Be Badly Behaved

Even if you feel very tense during this stressful period, you should try to be on your best behaviour and be polite to everyone involved in the process. Any outbursts or behaviour that is less than cordial could be used against you, even if it is not a reflection of your parenting abilities.

Don’t Be Late

One of the worst things you could do when it comes to your child custody hearing is not show up, but the second-worst thing you could do is be late. Make sure you are early for all hearings, meetings and other events related to your child custody battle.

Don’t Be Selfish

Do you want full custody because you think your ex-spouse is an unfit parent or are you just being selfish and spiteful? Most children are happier when they have healthy relationships and get to spend time with both of their parents so make sure you are thinking about what is best for your child/children and not just what is best for you.

Don’t Lie

Even if you think you have concocted the perfect lie, at the end of the day the truth usually comes out and if it’s proven that you have lied at any point during the proceedings it will only hurt your case.

Are you looking for the best legal advice on child custody? Our attorneys at Durban Law Offices are here to assist you and answer any of the questions that you may have during this difficult time. Feel free to contact Karen Olivier and her professional team today, to begin your child custody battle the right way.