General family law encompasses family issues ranging from marriage, divorce, child custody, maintenance, adoption and more. You can think of general family attorneys as representatives that are called in when needed for legal proceedings that affect family relationships. They represent family members in negotiations as well as court proceedings.

Family attorneys in Durban can specialise in matters such as emancipation, paternity, adoption, and many other nuanced cases. Here are some helpful terms from the realm of family law:

Anti-Nuptial Contract: An agreement made before marrying that acts as a guide to how assets are divided in the case of divorce or death.

Marital Regime: Marriages can be in a community of property or according to an anti-nuptial agreement. One can change the marital regime to better suit one’s future with the help of a family lawyer.

Marital Property: Assets acquired during the union that is subject to division upon the end of the marriage.

Spousal Maintenance: An allowance paid by one spouse to another for financial support during or after separation or divorce.

Emancipation: A court proceeding where a child under the age of eighteen becomes self-supporting and no longer requires the care of a guardian.

Reasons to Hire a Family Law Attorney in Durban

Here are some of the most common cases whereby you would have a general or specialised family lawyer in your court:

  • Ante-Nuptial Contracts
  • Variation Of Marital Regimes
  • Universal Partnerships And Cohabitation Agreements
  • Same-Sex Unions
  • Anti-Dissipation Orders And Declarations
  • Divorce
  • Domestic Violence And Harassment Applications
  • High Court Interdicts
  • Wills And Estate Cases
  • Child Custody and Maintenance
  • Adoption

The list does go on. For any one of these cases, the Durban attorney you would reach out to would fall within the field of general family law.

What to do Next

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