Have you been searching the internet for the “best family attorney near me”, but are still not too sure which lawyer to put your trust in? Choosing the right family attorney is a very big decision that should not be taken lightly.

As family law experts ourselves, we’ll be providing you with a few reasons as to why you should take your time when choosing a family attorney, as well as some of the factors that you should take into consideration when making your decision.

Creating a Lifelong Relationship

Family attorneys usually serve families for decades at a time. Just like the family doctor, the family attorney can play an essential role in the lives of the family members. When your children become adults themselves, they may continue to use the family lawyer that you chose many years before.

You’ll Be Sharing Sensitive Information

You want to choose your family attorney carefully as you want to feel comfortable with them, as well as feel a sense of trust. This is because, you may need to share sensitive information with them and you want your family attorney to be someone that you don’t feel embarrassed to talk to.

Finding a New Family Attorney Can be Difficult

You should choose the right family lawyer from the get go as it can be difficult and time consuming to change your attorney later down the line if you feel as though they are not quite the right fit. It is far better to do your research ahead of time instead of rushing into anything that you may regret later.

What Factors to Take into Consideration When Choosing Your Family Attorney

  • Proximity: How close are the family law offices from your home/workplace?
  • Experience: How many years of experience does the family attorney have?
  • Specialty: Does the family attorney specialise in cases similar to your own?
  • Reviews: How do past clients feel about working with the family attorney?
  • Fees: Can you realistically afford the fees associated with the family attorney’s services?

The Law Offices of Karen Olivier hopes to provide a solution to your search for the “the best family attorney near me”. With years of experience behind us, our lawyers are competent, capable, and trustworthy. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team if you have any questions about our family law services in Durban.